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700 Dress Movement

Today I moved 700 dresses from the Junior League of York to the West Manchester Mall. Okay, I had some help, but it was quite the ordeal!

We were moving the dresses for the PRSSA and Junior League of York dress sale this weekend. There are dresses, costumes and accessories of all kinds being sold at extremely discounted prices. The proceeds will be used to benefit the York Community. In my opinion, the dress sale itself is very beneficial! Not only will the dresses be recycled, but those who cant afford over-priced dresses will now be able to find the perfect dress for a special occasion!

Even though we had to brave the snow, freezing cold wind chills, a ghost (whose name is Aunt Joan I believe),and 700 dresses, it was a rewarding experience. It made me so happy to see everyone working together to put on the event. It still amazes me how willing people are to help out, whether they are your friends or just acquaintances.

I cant wait to see how the dress sale turns out! I will keep you all updated on information for the sale and any strange things that occur! Hopefully no more ghost encounters!